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Pecans have been cultivated for a relatively short period of time. Plant growth and development resemble a forest tree species rather than a domesticated crop.

Pecan nuts were derived from seedling pecan trees until about years ago. The cultivar 'Centennial' was grafted in Louisiana in (Sparks ). Pecans are fully developed by late Fall, just in time for cooler weather. Typically our pecan tree leaves turn brown and fall off, occasionally we have a fall where the leaves turn the pretty yellow-gold. As you can see from the images below, leaves changing in South Georgia can be downright beautiful! The Future of Pecan Trees in Georgia.

Harvesting of Nuts. After a growing season of about six months, pecans are typically harvested from October through early December. Pecans are ready for harvesting when the hull or shuck splits away from the nut. Advertisement. references. University of Florida IFAS Extension: The Pecan Tree.

Oct 22, Pecans may begin falling from early September to November, and preparing for harvesting should be done prior to the nuts falling, but closely enough to the anticipated fall that your efforts will not have been undone by time and weather.

2 Establish the fact that the nuts your target tree are bearing are worth the efforts you will put forth%. Mar 15, Most pecan trees are mature enough to start producing nuts when they're between 6 and 10 years old. Harvesting Ripe Pecans Mature trees produce nuts ready to harvest in the late fall. Apr 27, In most cases, pecan trees drop their nuts in the fall when they are fully ripe and ready to be harvested.

The husk will start to split and the nutshell beneath the husk will turn brown. When fallen pecans are green, this means something has interfered with the ripening process. Pecans love warm summer temperatures, especially warm summer nights, to successfully ripen the nuts. They are deciduous, meaning they lose their leaves in the winter. Pecan trees can be grown in just about any part of Florida, but the commercial production in FL.

Oct 08, Pecans are a large nut and need plenty of water to fill out the nut meat. If water is short in late spring and early summer, the nuts won't be able to finish development, and small fruits fall off.

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