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Sep 26, Put new soil in the bottom of the pot and put the plant back in the pot. Cut down the stems so there is at least one node above the surface. Water and move to the highest light you have and wait. It might take weeks but you will get new growth from the base and then you are good to go. I just bought this rubber plant online a couple weeks ago.

It was lost in the mail for a week and a half but it looked okay when it finally arrived. Now a week or so later the leaves look like they’re drying up or something and then falling off.

Is it dying? How can I save it? I don’t know what to d. Aug 16, Rubber Trees in The Florida Landscape. It all began with one indoor rubber tree plant. When it started to look gangly, I cut it back and stuck the cuttings in water to see what would happen.

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You can read about the rubber tree trimming here. Many of the cuttings did root and I. Mar 11, Prune rubber tree plant by making your cuts just above a node– where the leaf attaches to the stem or where another stem branches off.

You can also prune just above a leaf scar. Remove about a third to one-half of the plant’s branches but take care not to remove. Jun 07, Many times, this will happen when you bring your rubber tree plant in from outdoors, and this change can cause a total drop of the rubber tree leaves. Rubber plant leaves are turning brown because of diseases, sunburn, lack of light, temperature stress, pest infestation, fertilizer problem, overwatering, underwatering, and a lot more.

Causes of Rubber Tree Plant Leaves Falling Off. Light Change – A common reason for a rubber plant losing leaves is a change in the light. Many times, this will happen when you bring your rubber tree plant in from outdoors, and this change can cause a total drop of the rubber what shape to trim bushes, Englewood FL leaves.

A few rubber tree leaves may fall off the plant with. I have a rubber plant that has been dropping leaves like crazy ever since I brought it indoors for the winter. I have been watering it every two weeks or so. I had placed it in my living room which does not get that much light so I move it to my bedroom which has more light.

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Is it something I am doi. Watering too frequently may cause leaf yellowing. In fact, poor lighting can really hinder the growth of your rubber tree if you aren’t careful.

From the pattern on the wall, it looks like it is getting very hot in this spot. If the plant gets less light while leaves are growing, the leaves This plant is nearly 15 years old and 6 feet tall. If the root. Most plants genereally drop leaves when exposed to not enough water and/or sunlight. Try increasing the water you give your plant but little amounts, keep the water moist but not wet and the plant should do much better shortly.

It will take time so expect more leaves to fall before it gets better.

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